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  • 26/05/2015
  • By V8 Supercars

Though the NP300 Navara Winton SuperSprint was more than a week ago, there may still be some tension between Brad Jones Racing teammates Dale Wood and Fabian Coulthard after an incident in Saturday qualifying.

Speaking on Inside Supercars tonight, the GB Galvanizing driver said he and Coulthard hadn't completely discussed the incident - which resulted in some personal barbs being thrown in the garage.

Early in qualifying on Saturday Wood came up the inside of Coulthard's Freightliner Commodore at turn seven, and banged up the driver's side door of the #14, pushing on a fast lap and expecting his teammate to give way.

The two were clearly unhappy post-session, and speaking on the broadcast Sunday morning still weren't over it, both waiting for an apology the other said wasn't coming.

"Look, we haven't had a discussion about things yet, but generally in between rounds we often don't have a whole lot to say to each other," Wood said on Inside Supercars.

"My view was ... a tiny little incident on the track and it's just escalated when it got into the pits and [there were] a few personal comments, which upset me the most and got me a bit fired up, and the red beard came alive.

"But I think, the one thing at BJR is it has got an unbelievable vibe and a great feel to that team - that's not going to change.

"We'll be right when we get to Darwin, we'll have our shorts on, get some sun on our legs and I'm sure we'll be fine."

Wood's comment about not speaking to his teammates between events surprised fellow panelist, Nissan's Michael Caruso, who pressed the GB Galvanizing driver on the team's debriefing process, which Caruso believes allows drivers to air their grievances and move on.

"Yeah, we do all debrief together and look, when it comes down to talking about the things about the car and the issues we're battling over the weekend with handling and racing and all that, then we've been talking on that front," Wood replied.

"So no issues there, just one of those things."

Wood took part of the blame for the incident - as Coulthard pointed out, the #21 did not have its headlights on, which is part of a 'gentleman's agreement' to indication a driver is on a fast lap in qualifying.

"Admittedly I made a mistake, didn't have my headlights on. But we all know when someone's coming up behind us at a rapid rate, and there were a few things there - I had my qualy tyres on he was on his warm up tyres."

Team boss Brad Jones told v8supercars.com.au he wasn't concerned about the relationship between his two drivers.

"Yeah I think [they're good]," Jones said.

"We're a very close knit group and I think it's a bit of a storm in a teacup. We're just dealing with it internally really, but I don't think it's a big deal.

"When you're all fighting against each other sometimes you have moments and that's what that was - we're dealing with it and I'm comfortable everything will be fine."

This year, V8 Supercars hasn't been short of drama, with James Courtney causing chaos after crashing into Holden Racing Team teammate Garth Tander on the Saturday at Winton, and involved in a battle with Will Davison in Tasmania that ended with words in the garage. Meanwhile Tander copped a lashing from David Reynolds after hard racing at Winton, which the two discussed on last week's episode of Inside Supercars.

"We're not robots, we all have emotions and emotions are high when you're in those situations," Wood said.

"We're all passionate about what we do, we're passionate behind the scenes, always working hard with sponsors, and so that's where it stems from really...

"In the heat of the moment - if the cameras came to everybody an hour after something had happened it might be totally different - but the thing is, the cameras are thrown in people's faces when the emotions are high and things are going to be said, and that's the case with any sport and, really, anything."

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