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  • 24/04/2013
  • By Red Bull Racing Australia

Red Bull RacingAustralia’s Jamie Whincup has cheekily commented on his growing rivalry with PepsiMax FPR driver Mark Winterbottom, after the two had incidents at the last V8Supercars Championship event, the ITM 400 Auckland, in New Zealand.

“Frosty has beengetting angry, hasn’t he?” Whincup said.

“But it’s all goodfun I reckon and it’s good for the sport.

“Everyone’s saying,it’s this big rivalry, but it’s not quite like that.

“He did a dumb movein one of the races in New Zealand and we can’t have people getting arounddoing that. So of course, you’vegot to retaliate in the next one and as I said in my report, it’s not my stylebut it’s what has to be done sometimes, unfortunately.”

Post-race, Whincupwas a little more fired up – see what he and Winterbottom toldv8supercars.com.au between races on Sunday here.

“But look, it’s moreof a hype-up for the press,” Whincup said.

“To be honest, Iwouldn’t mind the cars doing more of the talking so I wouldn’t have to. Thatwill happen later in the year so until then, I’ll have to do the talking formyself.”

Will the rivalrycontinue in Western Australia at Barbagallo Raceway at the next event? Last year in Perth FPRtook the bragging rights, winning all three races, with Winterbottom bagging thefirst on Saturday and teammate Will Davison winning Sunday’s two.

Winterbottom has wonjust one more race at Barbagallo than Whincup over the years, leading the tallyfour to three.

Whincup said if therewas going to be round three, it would be up to Winterbottom to start it.

“If he wants to gotoe-to-toe, I’m happy to. I’ll do that any day of the week without absolutelyany dramas,” the 2012 champion said.

“But for me, it’s allover. It’s completely his decision whether he wants to continue this so-calledrivalry or whatever it is. But if he doesn’t and just wants to get on with theracing, then that is what I’m going to be doing.

“But if he wants tohit me up, it’s going to come back to him again.”

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