Wall in top two in P3

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  • 12/04/2013
  • By V8 Supercars

David Wall was a new name to see in the toptwo in today’s third practice session after new tyres were bolted on the WilsonSecurity Racing Holden Commodore.

“The car balance was reasonable on the olderset of tyres – we ran greens at the end there – which I think Shane (VanGisbergen, quickest in the session) did as well. I’m not sure, but he looked likehe got a good jump as well,” Wall said.

“The jump from older tyres to new tyres waswhat we hoped. There are a couple little things for next time to keep the balance,but overall we’re happy.”

Many of the drivers haven’t raced a V8 Supercarat Pukekohe Park Raceway, Wall included.

“I’ve never been here, so it’s all alearning experience for me – every part of the circuit, the old and the new,”Wall said.

“I thought the new part was quite good, butthe last complex, the 10-11 complex, is the Oran Park of New Zealand for me.Oran Park in Sydney was one of those types of tracks and there are similaritiesthere from a driver’s point of view.

While Wall’s Brad Jones Racing teammatesdominated the Tasmania event, Wall admitted he was working at his own rate. “Mineis a bit slower than theirs, but I feel I haven’t had enough laps in the caryet.

“Theirs are a bit ahead of me, but I’mcatching them at a rate and am hoping to be up there with my teammates.”

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