Video series showing the real Nick Percat

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  • 08/04/2020
  • By Connor O'Brien

The chance to go beyond what is seen of a Supercars driver on a frantic race weekend was the inspiration for Nick Percat to create a behind-the-scenes video series.


The third episode of the weekly series was launched this morning, with at least another seven to come, touching on various topics. Filming has been put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve always wanted to show what we kind of get up to day to day, because there’s definitely a thought that we’re just sitting around sipping coffees as our best friend Garry Rogers used to joke about,” Percat told

“The plan was to put a full series together, just to try to show the personality side because it’s something that definitely gets missed with us wearing a helmet and being interviewed within a minute of getting out of the car.

“You get to know us, but I think there’s a lot more to all of the drivers and team owners than we get to see.

“Unfortunately at the moment we have put filming on pause but we still have got a lot of videos that I am going to start putting up, one a week.

“Kind of like more me speaking about certain topics of my life and stuff like that.

“I just want to show everyone kind of what we get up to, more of my personality, and yeah something different other than just seeing us in a race car.”

Percat added he would love for the second season of the Inside Line docuseries to focus on Brad Jones Racing, with the maiden edition following Erebus Motorsport’s 2019 campaign.

“I’d love to show the ins and outs of BJR, just to show why everyone loves driving for them so much and the passion of Brad and Kim [Jones, co-owners] and the whole team,” he said.

“Even for me through this whole non-racing period we’re in, the level Brad is going to to make sure the team and the guys and girls on the floor are looked after before himself, it’s really quite impressive.”

The 31-year-old will take part in Round 1 of the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries tonight, sporting a yellow Dunlop livery.

“I’ve had my simulator since 2010 I think it was,” Percat said.

“I’ve never got into it fully, like I sit back right now and I have no idea how Scotty [McLaughlin] and Giz [Shane van Gisbergen] and Anton [De Pasquale] and those guys can actually sit on it that long.

“I don’t lose interest but I just love being outside so much, so for me if I get my one piece of outside for the day, I’ll actually go and ride my bike for six and a half hours.

“That’s what my training is now, I’ve made it really all long duration.

“My general plan with the sim is I have done enough over the years, I understand how it works.

“I’m not going to win the thing, but I’ll really enjoy it and I love that we’re doing something to give the fans and the sponsors and everyone some entertainment.”

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