SVG, Davison’s first impressions of Gen3 prototypes

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  • 28/08/2021
  • By Charlie Bullis

Leading Supercars drivers Shane van Gisbergen and Will Davison have described their first impressions of the respective Triple Eight Race Engineering and Dick Johnson Racing Gen3 prototype chassis.

Triple Eight is leading the homologation of the Chevrolet Camaro, with PACE innovations building the base of the Ford Mustang for homologation by the Shell V-Power Racing Team.

Having sat in the Gen3 prototype, van Gisbergen gave his assessment during an all-in driver Zoom chat this week.

“I sat in it at the end of last week, which is pretty cool,” van Gisbergen told

“It had the bonnet on it and the seating position and a few different things, and it’s cool, it looks tough.

“The seating position is quite different, but I think there’s some cool changes. I’m looking forward to driving it.

Speaking about the noticeable changes, van Gisbergen gave his thoughts on the chassis’ interior.

“How the pedal box adjusts, how the steering adjusts, obviously having nothing on the left side of the car is really weird,” he said.

The Triple Eight Gen3 chassis

“No roll bars, no gear lever and all that kind of stuff. It just feels very different, it’s kind of GT-ish.”

Shell V-Power Racing Team driver Davison said there has been a lot of work between the two homologation teams to bring the project together.

The two-time Bathurst winner gave his thoughts after recently assessing the Ford Mustang chassis.

“There’s lots of input going on and the car is really starting to take shape,” Davison explained.

“Much like Shane, I sat in our car last week. Obviously, we’re playing around with seating positions and getting an initial feel for what it’s all about.

“It’s all feedback that’s going back into the pool as to how everything is going to work moving forwards.

“Obviously the roof is very low and the way you sit in the car is quite different.

“We were able to get the screen on, the steering column in and pedal box installed. It’s exciting seeing it all come to life.

A render of a Kelly Grove Racing Mustang

“It’s certainly going to be a very different beast to what we’ve known and felt and touched for many years. Certainly coming along fairly well.

“There’s a safety element, obviously making sure that drivers are going to be able to be positioned safely from their head respective to the roof, particularly taller drivers, just to make sure there’s plenty of clearance there and making sure your eye line is in a good position.

“I think everything is pretty good on that front. It’s just getting an idea as to where you want the seat.”

It comes after the Gen3 specification of the Chevrolet Camaro engine was revealed last month.

Testing of both prototypes targeted for late October.

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