Reynolds: "I thought I was going over"

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  • 07/04/2013
  • By V8 Supercars

The biggest moment of Race Four involvedDavid Reynolds – three abreast into the hairpin, Reynolds went into the outsidebarrier, two wheels off the ground. His Bottle-O Ford Falcon suffered damage tothe front end, and his crew is working hard to try and repair the vehicle forthe afternoon’s Race Five.

“I was racing away and then I was almostupside down along the fence,” Reynolds said.

“I’m not really sure what happened but Ithink I hit two ‘Walls’ simultaneously. One was a person.

“Everyone slowed up a lot so I went aroundthe outside and got good traction and drive. Wall was beside me, and then nextthing I knew I was half upside down.

“I thought I was going over.

“It was full on and the car had a suddenstop after that. I was only in first gear and I’ve done a lot of damage.

“Not sure (if the car will be ready for thenext race) but they’ll try and get it done and if they do I’ll take them outsomewhere and give them a treat.”

David Wall described his position as the “meatin the sandwich” in the incident. But he seemed to think the car that nudgedhim was Scott Pye, though Pye said he was just an observer. Pye indicatedCaruso was the yellow car involved. 

“Heading down in there the field always pushesand pulls a bit, it condenses,” Wall said. “We’re all turning in and Dave’sgone the high line, which is common, and Scott Pye decided go inside and run mewide into Dave and I was meat in the sandwich.

“There’s damage to our car, a lot of damageto Dave Reynolds’ car and Scott Pye’s car finishes the race. It’s disappointingfor everyone here, a little bit more thinking might be a good idea… Three intothat corner is never going to work well.”

Caruso said he felt contact with Wall as he drove past, but that it would have been impossible to have seen Reynolds on the outside. 

"I went up the inside of Dave (Wall)... and that’s the last I saw of it. I had been past David Wall and I think he actuallybumped the rear bar, so I was long gone," Caruso said. 

“As I’ve come out of the corner I felt abit of contact from him hitting me as I’ve driven out but I was eyes forward atthat stage."

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