Pye: "Down to the car and the man above"

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  • 07/04/2013
  • By V8 Supercars

A massive accident marred the last portionof Race Five at Symmons Plains in Tasmania, with ekol Racing rookie Scott Pyeslamming head-on into an Armco barrier.

Fortunately Pye is fine, apart from asprained wrist and sore jaw – in fact, he expressed disappointment for theteam ahead of a tight turnaround to the next event in New Zealand.

“I got out and had to have a quick look atit because I couldn’t believe an impact like that," Pye said. 

“Going in, I knew it was going to bemassive, going into an Armco wall filled with solid dirt behind.

“I had to admire the car and I’m verygrateful at the way it held up, I think even the steering wheel’s bent fromwhere I hung on.

“But I’m lucky to be sitting here now asfine as I am.

“I’m disappointed; the car was very fast,we were definitely hanging on the back of Garth (Tander, who finished 10th)– the brake fade was the only reason I couldn’t stay on him.

“Looking back now, I wish I had pitted, butit gave me no warning it was going to hit the floor and I’d have zero brakes.”

Pye said the head-on impact took his breathaway.

“When I landed it felt like I was in the airfor an eternity. Once I landed I checked my hands and feet and made sure theywere ok – and I was amazed I was fine.

“I think a shunt like that’s down to thecar and the man above. I’m very lucky to come away with no real injuries.”

He hadn’t looked at the car, so Pye wasunsure whether it would be able to be repaired for New Zealand. “We’ve made massiveinroads and the team’s doing a great job. It will be a shame if the team can’tshow it’s pace at Pukekohe.”

Pye, who has only contested 10 V8 Supercarraces, said there was no warning before the brakes went.

“I’d been pumping (the brake pedal)… but Ipumped it and it went to the floor, so there was nothing I could do... My eyes were dragged to that Armco walland I knew I was going in.

“I saw the Armco wall took some of thatimpact and got pushed back. It’s a freak accident; it’s one of those things.

“I’m fine, so I’m not complaining.”

Pye felt an issue with the brakes on thewarm-up lap, but wasn’t sure what the problem was.

“Fortunately I didn’t have a crash likethis last year, but I can say now, the Car of the Future is one I’m happy torace in from here on because I know it is safe. It was a big a shunt as ahead-on impact, and I kicked the door open and stepped out of the thing, so I’mvery happy.”

Pye said it was the biggest impact he’dever had. 

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