Percat and Jones Commodores repaired for Sunday race

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  • 16/06/2019
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Brad Jones Racing has repaired the Holdens of Nick Percat and Macauley Jones for Sunday's BetEasy Darwin Triple Crown race, after accidents in ARMOR ALL Qualifying.

Both drivers came unstuck within a matter of seconds at Turn 11 during the 20-minute session on Sunday morning.

Percat was the first in, going off nose first, while Jones lost the rear end of his CoolDrive Commodore moments later.

Despite initial doubts, particularly on Percat's Dunlop Holden, both are set to contest Sunday's 70-lap race, starting from the rear of the grid.

Classing the results as "seriously impressive", Percat paid credit to the BJR crew.

"We need probably another row of tyres there, because as you can see on the replay it actually makes it to the earth [mount behind]," he said of Turn 11.

"That's where most of the damage came from, besides going off the road at 200 kays an hour.

"Amazing job by the BJR crew. All [Tim] Sladey's guys got his car to a ready-to-race level and came over here, helped out on Car #8 and then gone over to Macca's car to help out over there.

"I got my hands a little bit dirty, so if the coolsuit fails or the helmet fan fails, that's all on me today, and the drinks.

"I've taken that onboard, done that, and got in under the pedal box to make sure there's nothing wrong there."

After analysing the incident, Percat admitted the cause of his moment was foot trouble.

"It looks like just a slip off the brake pedal, grabbed throttle - like a hundred percent throttle," he said.

"My mistake from what we can see."

BJR's other drivers, Tim Slade and wildcard runner Jack Smith will start 17th and 23rd.

The team's crew were at the circuit until midnight on Saturday, repairing Slade's Freightliner Holden after an incident with Rick Kelly.

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