One step closer to 300km/h

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  • 10/09/2015
  • By Kassie Gadeke

V8 Supercars could reach new maximum speeds at two of the critical, big points earning Pirtek Enduro Cup events this season.

Cars could finally crack the 300km/h barrier down Conrod Straight during October's Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, and hit new high speeds at the Wilson Security Sandown 500 this weekend after the approval of new drop gears.

The V8 Supercars this week approved the new drop gear for Bathurst, after signing off on a different drop gear change for Sandown in the lead in to the event.

Altering the 'drop gear' ratios in the New Generation V8 Supercar Albins T6 transaxle has been debated within the Championship organisation and teams since Sandown last year because cars were spending two seconds on the engine rev limiter in top gear at 265km/h on the back straight.

The drop gear change means the cars will be able to reach a higher speed before hitting the enforced 7500RPM limit. It is expected that with these changes, the cars will not hit the rev limit.

This is expected to provide more passing opportunities in high-speed parts of both the Bathurst and Sandown circuits.

V8 Supercars Sporting and Technical Director David Stuart was excited about the possibility of finally smashing the 300km/h barrier, after much talk about the number in recent years.

"To see drivers break the 300km/h barrier as they charge down Mount Panorama will be exciting for fans and drivers and add another dimension to what is already one of Australia's biggest sporting events,'' Stuart said.

"It will also provide additional passing opportunities at the end of both Mountain Straight and Conrod Straight and only add to the excitement of the race."

Stuart believes the change will also mean less stress on the V8 Supercars across the 1000km race.

"Another benefit is that there should be less wear on the cars as they won't be hitting the limiter as hard or for as long at the end of Conrod Straight.

"The change is a win all round."

According to figures supplied by Brad Jones Racing, the current top speed is about 295km/h as the cars peel into the Caltex Chase at Bathurst.

However, as recounted here in 2013 Larry Perkins and Dick Johnson Racing claimed to have broken through the 300km/h barrier in 2005. The claims were met with widespread skepticism along pit lane at the time.

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