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  • 09/10/2015
  • By Kassie Gadeke

Mark Winterbottom has been given a message from injured teammate Chaz Mostert - qualify on ARMOR ALL Pole Position at Bathurst tomorrow.

Defending Bathurst champion Mostert, 23, had a violent crash at Mount Panorama just minutes into today's qualifying session.

He suffered a fractured left femur and wrist after the heavy accident and will not be on-track to back-up last year's win.

"One of the things he said just as they souped him up with morphine was 'sorry to the guys that he crashed' and 'make sure Frosty gets pole'," Winterbottom told

"That's the sort of kid he is, he's a good kid and you don't want to see that, it's not good at all ... results or whatever, you don't want to see one of your friends get hurt. It's really bad to see."

This season the two have been the closest rivals on track, but are the closest friends when the helmets come off.

"He's in good spirits, he's a good kid," Winterbottom said.

"He crashed and was apologetic - and you should never be apologetic in this, you're pushing the limits.

"He's worried about the guys and if we can get pole for him, so that's his true character."

Qualifying was the last thing on the Championship leader's mind after the accident. Winterbottom was glad the day's session was rescheduled and described the accident as a reality check.

"It definitely reminds you how dangerous this joint is, so, yeah, it's not good.

"You give your kids more of a hug, because it's reality.

"So it's unlucky and lucky at the same time because that's a big shunt. At least, he doesn't walk away from it but he can actually talk about it, which was good.

"And the marshals as well, they put plenty on the line.

"It's just a reality check really - that's why results wise, whatever you've got to forget about that, it's about the big picture."
Winterbottom was philosophical about the magnitude of the crash.

"It's what Bathurst is," he said.

"We're still two days out from the actual race, so that was a big crash ... they've already made a diagnosis - he just has to get better now.

"That's the big picture - but it hits home how brutal it is.

"Sometimes you're worried about finishing a position down - at the end of the day we're all racing for position - but you never want to see anyone get hurt."

Mostert trails Winterbottom by 198 points in the Championship and Mostert's accident and injury will hugely change the shape of the title fight.

The Prodrive/Pepsi Max team have won back-to-back Bathurst, with Winterbottom claiming victory with Steven Richards in 2013.

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