Lowndes reveals 2018 may be last full-time season

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  • 19/08/2017
  • By Stefan Bartholomaeus

Craig Lowndes has revealed that a performance review at the end of next season will dictate whether he remains in a full-time Supercars drive in 2019.

Triple Eight confirmed a new two-year contract with Lowndes in May that is intended to see the fan favourite remain as a full-timer in both 2018 and 2019.

Speaking to Motoring.com.au, the 43-year-old has however admitted that whether he does see out another two years will depend on his form next season.

Lowndes has struggled for qualifying speed throughout much of 2017 to date, but sits a competitive seventh in points thanks to a series of strong race performances.

“It’s a two-year program, but Roland (Dane, Triple Eight owner) and I will definitely sit down at the end of next year and analyse the year and work out what the best thing is for me and the team going forward is,” Lowndes said.

“For me it’s a two-year deal, but we have to be realistic. If I am struggling next year to perform, well then you have got to be realistic and that’s an honest conversation to have. But you have got to have it.

“I am not getting any younger, but at the same time I have been very thankful to have longevity in the sport way longer than I ever expected.

“Over two decades I have been driving a race car full-time and getting paid to do it.”

Dane has been open about his desire to retain Lowndes as part of the team following his full-time driving career, with a co-driving role an obvious transition.

Lowndes added in the Motoring.com.au interview that he has no issue with the performance review plan in place.

“For me it was a pretty easy decision to want to move forward and move to the next couple of years,” Lowndes continued.

“Roland and I did have a very in-depth conversation about what that looks like, he has been a very hard but very fair boss and this is the longest serving team I have been with.

“So it was pretty easy to put pen to paper and re-sign, but by the same token we had a very frank chat about what that looks like and how it needs to go to go forward.

“He is very mindful of (me) not staying around too long and not just hanging on because I want to drive.”

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