Lap by Lap: Qualifying 13 and 14

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  • 19/05/2013
  • By V8 Supercars

Qualifying is about to kick off at the Austin 400. Some big name drivers were at the back of the pack in Practice – where will they end up?

David Reynolds first to the top, with a 1:34.3091. Tander, Alex Davison, Mostert round out the three. 

Five minutes in and Rick Kelly's into the 33's. Leading Van Gisbergen, Todd Kelly, Tander, Mostert, Ingall, Caruso, Courtney, Blanchard, Alex Davison. 

Only 24 cars out on track at the moment with the two GRM cars, Pye and Moffat yet to record a lap. 

And Whincup tops the times and his teammate's lap record from yesterday. A 1:32.8920 from the current points leader, who had no impact on the Practice times yesterday. Lowndes also looks on a good lap. 

Whincup the only driver in the 32s, followed by Coulthard, Lowndes, Rick Kelly and Will Davison. Premat, while his car has been quick this year, is in last position at this stage and in the pits, with a 1:37.2301. Five mins to go. 

Courtney into fourth with two mins to go. Tander down in 16th. 

Premat pops into third while Lowndes has two fastest sectors. 

Lowndes to the top with less than a minute to go – 0.1152sec quicker than Whincup. Wall goes to third.

Changes at the top - we've got Coulthard with 1:32.5934, followed by Whincup, Lowndes, Wall, Will Davison, Winterbottom, Tander, Van Gisbergen, Premat, Rick Kelly. 

And final 10 is Coulthard, Whincup, Lowndes, Wall, Will Davison, Webb, Winterborrom, Tander, Van Gisbergen, Rick Kelly. 

Others to note are Ingall 12, Courtney 14, McLaughlin 15, Bright 21. 

An incident is under investigation between 55 Reynolds and 22 Courtney. 


The cars are out for the second 15-minute Qualifying session of the day, for grid positions in Race 14 of the Championship. 

Will the lap record Coulthard set in Q13 be broken? 

Will Davison in the 33s and at the top, followed by Mostert, Ingall, Courtney, Winterbottom. Just under five mins in. 

Reynolds' last lap deleted – as Webb goes to p1.

The Red Bull Racers both flying - Whincup with a 32.0311sec. 

Whincup and Lowndes in 1 and 2 with eight mins to go. Whincup's time is 0.7617sec faster than p2 time. 

Coulthard is down in 18 – where will he end up?

McLaughlin into fourth with four mins to go. And with two mins to go, McLaughlin is up to third, overtaking Webb. 

Lowndes records a 32.2909. Can the Red Bull racers be stopped at the front? 

Rick Kelly the first Nissan into the 32s.

Coulthard into third.  

The chequered flag is out, with Whincup and Lowndes top two. Will Davison still running trying to improve on 18.

Will into 7th. 

And the top 10 are Whincup, Lowndes, coulthard, Van Gisbergen, Webb, Rick Kelly, Will Davison, Premat, McLaughlin, Moffat. 

Others to note are Winterbottom 12, Bright 18, Courtney 19, Tander 21. 

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