Lap by Lap: Co-Drivers Qualifying Race

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  • 14/09/2013
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It will be Holden versus Ford on the front row for the first qualifying race of the Wilson Security Sandown 500. 

The #1 Commodore will start from first on the grid, with Paul Dumbrell behind the wheel of the Red Bull Racing Australia 'pole setter'. 

Dale Wood will be ready to pounce, alongside, in the #12 Wilson Security DJR Falcon.

Jack Perkins (33) and Nick Percat (2) will be behind on the second row, with Warren Luff (888) and Steve Owen (6) on the third. 

This race result will determine where the main series driver will begin the second qualifying race later this afternoon.  

Eleven of the 28 co-drivers have won a V8 Supercars race in their careers. 

"It only takes one person to make a smal mistake and anything can happen," Greg Murphy says on the grid. 

Cars are lining up!

Wood gets the jump and passes Dumbrell at the first corner. Slow start for Perkins. A little bit going on at the back, but cars seem ok. 

At the end of lap 1 - Wood, Dumbrell, Owen, Percat, Luff, Canto, Perkins, Thompson, Murphy, Jones make up the top 10.

L2 and Dumbrell gets passed. Owen also on the back of the #12 Falcon. Percat buys into the battle. 

Murphy records the fastest lap of the race with a 1min11.1694 on lap 2, down in 9th position.

Post race investigation of cars 80 and 88, both Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport Commodores, in this race being driven by Paul Morris and Matt Halliday. Morris in the garage, Halliday 27th. 

L5 Wood has dropped to this and Dumbrell recorded the fastest lap with a 1min10.4224 out the front. It's Dumbrell, Owen, Wood, Percat, Luff. 

L6 Drama for Reid in the TDR Commodore, just driven into the garage. 

Dumbrell quicker again with the 1min10.0818 on lap six.

L9 Walsh getting turned around in car #17. Damage on the front of a Nissan entry. 

Jammed throttle on the D'Alberto car, driven by Jonny Reid in this race, which is in the garage. 

Post race investigation into 17 and 18, Walsh and McIntyre.

L11 and top 10 is Dumbrell, Owen, Wood, Percat, Luff, Canto, Perkins, Thompson, Richards, Murphy. 

L12 Briscoe turned around at turn seven. 

L12 Saftey Car – Dumbrell's 4.5sec gap will disappear.

Shortly before, Bleekemolen in the VIP Petfoods Commdore had limped toward the pits, but didn't make it and is being retrieved. 

L14 Restart and there is huge damage to the front of Walsh's car.The bonnet has come off. Walsh makes it back into pit lane. 

Post race investigation between cars 21 and 66, driven by Pither and Briscoe. 

At L17 and it's still Dumbrell, Owen, Wood as the top three. 

Richards has made up five spots in the race. Perkins, however, has dropped back to eighth after starting on the second row. Johnson started 22nd and is now up to 15th. 

FINAL LAP. Reid is back out. 

An incident on the final lap with Baird going around, after contact with Jones. 

Finishing positions – Dumbrell, Owen, Wood, Percat, Luff, Canto, Richards, Perkins, Thompson, Murphy. 

Others to note – Youlden in 11, Johnson 12, Jones in 14, Russell the first Nissan in 15. 

Click here for full finishing positions.

These results determine starting order for the main series driver race, coming up this afternoon at 4.38pm AEST. The winner will claim ARMOR ALL Pole Position, ahead of tomorrow's 500km race. 

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