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  • 28/08/2015
  • By John Bowe

I want to start my column today with a few left field random suggestions for our decision makers at V8 Supercars headquarters to consider.

Here is my first thought for you, why not make all the races next year 100 lappers regardless of the circuit length. That would spice up the racing a bit don't you reckon? I'd be interested to hear what you think?

Here's my left field thought, fit sprinklers on three or four circuits so we can add a wet race or two to the program. Sunday's race was one of the most entertaining I've seen this year, right throughout the field battles for position were raging and I love it.

Now, is that good food for thought or maybe a little crazy? You can resume normal viewing now - I've had my little excursion!

On this morning's announcement - I said when Russell Ingall announced his retirement, he still had plenty to offer our sport.After the unfortunately accident sustained by James Courtney, my ol' mate Rusty is back in the seat. He's one hell of a racer and possibly the best passer in the game. Well done HRT for recognising there's still plenty of fight in the old dog.

I must congratulate Foxtel for allowing Russ the freedom take the drive. I think it's decent of them and a clever move from an insight/perspective point of view, maybe Russ can deliver Dick Johnson-esk style live commentary from the 22 car - what do you reckon?

I think it's a win/win for everyone. I wish James a speedy recovery and he comes back when he's fully fit. Given the circumstances I think this is the best possible outcome for HRT. The combination of Perkins/Ingall will send a chill up the spine of a few, don't worry they'll give a good account of themselves - take my word on that!

What an excellent V8 Supercar race we saw on Sunday at Sydney Motorsport Park. You already know my opinion on the shorter 16 lap races on Saturday, though there was a bit of action happening this weekend.

Sunday though started with a bang when the early rain dried up and the track was super fast. On the Dunlop Sport MAXX control tyre (which is the hard tyre), the entire field was covered by less than a second - that's over a 1min30sec lap, which is quite a long lap in this country.

Congratulations to Scotty McLaughlin who snatched pole in the dying minutes of qualifying to give Gary Rogers Volvo Wilson Security/PAYCE team a much-needed shot in the arm. It's a measure of the guts of a team when they bounce back from the run of outs they've experienced this season so far.

This circuit really encourages close, interesting racing and that's just what we got. I watched the action from various venues including the Wilson Security/GRM garage and it was action packed as I saw it. For all the doom and gloomers out there, when the event is the right length and the race includes fuel and tyre stops there's not much better in the racing world, Throw in some rain and two tyre compounds and it's dynamic racing at its best.

I was in awe at the skill level of most of the drivers, with the odd exception! After Saturday's races I thought Jamie Whincup and Triple Eight were back; Sunday's race just showed how tough it is in this category.

With different tyre choices and wet weather - there's lots of strategic choices, not the least of all, tyre pressures. We saw that, in particular with the rain - tyres were fading on lots of cars as the engineers rolled their dice.

The undisputed king of the Sunday was Chaz Mostert, who quite honestly was in a class of his own. Even though we now know the Prodrive Racing Australia Fords are a good weapon, Chaz really overshadowed his illustrious team-mates to the extent that there was Chaz, followed by daylight and the rest!

He so reminds me of a young Lowndesy when I see the way he freestyles the car in both wet or dry - in case you are wondering, that's a huge compliment! In the Holden world Brad Jones Racing are popping up week in and week out as a team to keep a close eye on.

Fabian and Brighty were right on the pace and looked very solid. I reckon Fabian would be a brave man to leave BJR (at the end of the year), with their awesome engineering group and a very family like team.

Let's face it; the engineering group (in all teams) is the key to a driver's performance these days.


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