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  • 10/12/2014
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Now I've returned home and dried out after the weekend's racing I can say there has been plenty of comment about after the drizzle over Saturday and Sunday's races.

Drizzle is probably not the operative word here, it was more monsoonal like, reminiscent of an Asian storm I reckon.

It was certainly the correct decision to stop the races, the water just laid on the circuit, causing aqua planning in the extreme and that's very dangerous.

I now believe the drains had all been blocked in case some contaminants got into the water/drain system. In my opinion this isn't really satisfactory (from a racing point of view), a race circuit needs drainage. The race fans at the circuit and the TV audience deserve to see racing weather it be wet or dry.

Someone is responsible for the decision/s and it should/needs to be rectified, just as the teams are held accountable if they make a blue. Ok, enough said about that.

The major topic/talking point of the weekend was the return of Marcos Ambrose. I would say the whole exercise achieved what it set out to do although some knockers probably won't see it that way.

Remember Marcos has spent nine years racing a very different type of car on different tyres, it was a massive challenge. He's been mainly on oval tracks, thirsty five times a year! Don't miss the point Marcos has always set the bar high throughout his career - so I wasn't surprised.

Of course, it will take some time to adapt/adjust; it would for any other driver. In my opinion he did a very good job, learnt lots and now has plenty of experience and feel about these very unique cars.As I've said before, underestimate Marcos Ambrose, DJR/Team Penske at your own peril. I saw plenty of positive signs from the XBOX entry, every session he seemed to be more at ease. I spoke to his dad Ross on Saturday evening and he said Marcos said 'he'd never worked so hard for such a result' after the race.

Now, to Shane Van Gisbergen - in my opinion Shane has gone up another level this year and I really expect him to be a serious contender for the Championship next year. Well done to the Webb family and the entire Tekno operation.

It seems Homebush is to be Russell Ingall's last full time V8 Supercar race. Personally, I don't reckon he needs to stop, he's still a mega racer but in today's world, the obsession with youth is not just confined to tennis and swimming.

I'm sure we'll see him in the long distance races next year and beyond. Russ has certainly provided all of us with plenty of awesome racing over the past twenty years.

Ironically, Marcos arrives for his first race the very race meeting Russ has his last fulltime drive ... funny how things work out sometimes .... They of course were team mate at Stone Brothers when Jimmy and Ross were 'King Makers'' Thanks for the memories Rusty!

Here's alittle dedication to recognise Russell Ingall's career and contribution he's given to our sport!I think now he's retiring ... it's the end of an era really. He's the last of the hard ass racers!

Given, the motorsport news last week I think there was not enough focus on Supercar's White Paper released by James Warburton. I think he's absolutely on the money; it's the right way to go in the future.

I spoke to him at length on Saturday afternoon about the very subject, he really has his head around this and he consulted plenty of very knowledgeable motorsport minds up and down the pit lane for their opinion - he's certainly on the right track in my view.

I can't wait until 2017 when we have two and four door cars, traditional V8 engines, turbo V6 and 4's and maybe even V12 or V10 engines - how exciting!

We may not have Commodore and Falcon's on track but we'll still have Holden's and Ford's. It's my guess we could end up with six or eight manufacturers competing for the biggest prizes in Australian motorsport.

It'll be amazing, a bit like the old Group A days with lots of different configurations but nowadays, with more equality.

In my time, there are those who'll be unhappy ... not everyone likes or accepts change. Changes must happen and needs to happen for our category to stay current and survive! There are those who've suggested a return to Production Car racing is the answer - definitely not!

The V8 Supercar era has been a magnificent time for Australian Touring Car lovers, the world is changing rapidly in race car land, let's embrace it - it will certainly be for the better!

Finally, I want to acknowledge Jamie Whincup and Triple Eight (Red Bull Racing) - they were superb this year. They are deserving Champions in 2014, Jamie Whincup is a very special talent, history will forever preserve his achievements.



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