John Bowe: "Most bizarre Bathurst"

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  • 16/10/2014
  • By John Bowe

This year's Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 was the most bizarre race I have witnessed in my 30 years on the Mountain.

Having said that, the final few laps were probably the most exciting I have ever seen.Think about this - in 1989 Dick Johnson and I led every lap of the 161 laps - this year Chaz and Morrie led the last half lap.

Chaz is an ace, no question. He is also a great young bloke. It's now up to the people around him not to let him get too excited about his importance. It's too easy as a young bloke to get carried away with your own importance - remember, I wasa young bloke once!

Paul Morris is much misunderstood. He is his own man and he is an awesome bloke who has done lots of good things for lots of people.

He and I, with Gary Holt won at Bathurst in another category- he is a very smart racer and was a great contributor towards their end result.

Let's not forget the winning team - FPR ran five cars for goodness sakes [including the Super Black wildcard]. Behind the scenes there was someone, or a few, that strategically kept car 6 in the picture all race and then at the end did the calcs to ensure young Chaz was set loose. It was heady stuff and I am so impressed with FPR.I have been a public critic of running too many cars, but the Bathurst 1000 this year showed the extreme quality of their people.

My thoughts on Jamie's shortcomings on fuel consumption - he is the greatest touring car driver we have ever had. Red Bull, as a team, has rolled the dice on fuel many times - this time he would have been thinking the same. Unfortunately it wasn't to be.

I agree, a win at Bathurst is worth a punt - who remembers second in this race's case? I came second five times - anyone know that?!

How fantastic to see another Moffat on the Bathurst podium [in James Moffat coming home second]. Make no mistake, this bloke has all the grit and determination of his famous dad Allan.

And Nissan deserves the result - of all the manufacturers, they are probably the most committed. Well done Nissan. Nissan boss Richard Emery is a car guy.

I am sure Holden will be corporately pissed off - but truly guys,we do need the competition and Holden, you have won your share.

On Lowndesy punting Frosty - of course he did not do it intentionally! He is not that kind of driver, it was a concertina effect and I believe what Craig said about [there being] sun glare [affecting his vision]. But yes, he did deserve a drive through penalty, end of story!

I truly felt sorry for Van Giz. He and Webby performed at a level unknown for a little team. Shane is one of my top five V8 Supercar drivers and showed it on the weekend. Let's not forget Jonno Webb, who was my last V8 Supercar co-driver in '07 - an awesome job.

I have never seen so many mistakes by so many credentialed drivers in my whole motor racing life.That just shows how difficult the Mount Panorama track is and how hard these blokes have to extend themselves. As I say many times, V8 Supercars is elite level sport, and at Bathurst it is extra special.

Finally - I totally support the race director's decision to suspend the race and fix the track. If it was left to break up the race would have developed into a farce.

As it was, it developed into one of the greatest of the Great Races.


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