John Bowe: More races like Sunday, please!

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  • 06/05/2015
  • By John Bowe

Well, there's one thing you can be sure about in V8 Supercars racing - that is, you can't ever be sure about anything.

After two pretty ordinary Saturday warm up races the 200km on Sunday produced a cracker race result - we certainly want more of that, please!

I think the result happened only because of one safety car that turned the race strategies upside down. The teams who started their drivers on Dunlop soft tyres were stuffed as soon as the safety car came out, ironically it was caused by the teammate of the eventual race winner.

I found the race enthralling and the degree of tyre degradation varied from car to car and driver to driver. Is there no better demonstration that the Dunlop Sport Maxx Sprint tyre should become the control tyre, and the current control tyre be retired to pasture after a job well done?

I think we witnessed a very special performance by Will Davison and Erebus Motorsport, Will of course made his tyres last better than most on a very tough circuit on tyres.

Davison showed when he has the right ingredients and equipment, he is still an ace and can never be discounted - this sport is so dependent on getting the car in the window on the day.

Lowndesy as always was thereabouts, his car and his style were a bit hard on his tyres and it cost him that magic 100th V8 Supercar race win.

How about Fabian Coulthard? His haul from the back to the podium, he was like a train. Who said it can't be done, especially when the brains trust of the BJR team are so smart and very racy - a great effort.

Without the safety car I believe the Prodrive Racing Australia cars would have won, their pace all weekend was very strong and they did an awesome job on Saturday. Three of the PRA cars were in the hunt in the sprint races.

Frosty was on fire, his Falcon punched out of the corners like I've not seen before. He was fast and did a very solid job and never looked like faulting.

So, why not the DJR Penske 17 car? It's essentially the same - is it not? I think the driver change strategy clearly shows Marcos Ambrose was not holding the car back. I reckon Marcos can come back when he's able, the category does needs him as a draw card and former Champion.

I believe Marcos has much more top level racing in him!

Without tyre degradation and wild cards like safety cars, it is still very difficult to pass - the cars are so close in engineering terms.

I'd like to ask the 'decision makers' to investigate the German DTM drag reduction system with a view to introducing it next year. Provide a limited number of uses per race and it would create passing opportunities that don't exist currently.

As much as I love the category, and it operates at an incredibly high level of excellence, the show does need spicing up. While you're at it, I'd like to see them get rid of the Saturday warm up races.

Make the races more meaningful in length and strategy. This is an awesome category being played at the highest level by great teams and drivers.

I think the message from the fans is pretty strong, they want to watch really good hard racing in interesting cars every time we hit the track.

I'm looking forward to Winton, I hope to see you all there.


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