John Bowe: Best racing I've seen in V8 Supercars

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  • 24/06/2014
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I don't want this column to sound like or for you to think it's a Frosty/Triple Eight bible - but you'd have to admit what they did over the weekend was mighty impressive!

The drive to victory by Mark Winterbottom on Sunday was one of the best drives I've ever seen, and since V8 Supercars started back in 1997.

His ability to manage the entire race on Dunlop soft tyres, and to withstand the pressure from Van Giz and Jamie was a drive of a champion. Likewise team Pepsi Max, they did an exceptional job on their strategy. Their pitstops and car prep was outstanding.

It seems the multi car teams have been having trouble getting all their cars into a decent result. Is it because their resources are too finely stretched? I imagine it could well be!

I found the Saturday sprint races were predictable and whilst of a very high standard, to be frank I found them somewhat processional. At one point I looked at a timing screen and four cars were within one-tenth of each other, Hidden Valley has very few passing spots.

I think next year's resurface will have a significant impact on the passing opportunities - it'll give extra width to the racing/grip, increase the potential to pass and that'll heighten the spectacle.

Let's look at Sunday's race, with limited tyres and a long race - it was enthralling, exciting, dramatic and nail biting until the very end.

I think two of those races (200km) for the weekend would be better for everyone, including fans, teams, and TV viewers alike. There were many contenders and many chances, that's what people want to see.

One final point to add here, if the Ford Motor Company don't think motorsport does enough for them, they should have been there when Frosty crossed the line on Sunday. The passion and elation among the fans was unreal, the likes I've not witness in a long while!

It was like a thriller movie, building slowly with lots of intrigue, and an awesome finish. Regardless of your team, brand or driver, Sunday's race was a massive shot in the arm for our sport.

Some may think V8 Supercar racing may not sell cars on Monday like it used too. It certainly gives your brand an awesome profile, and differentiates it from the boring and humdrum - it keeps your owners worshiping your brand. Look what it's done for Volvo in a very short time, and it's so well leveraged by GRM and Volvo Australia!

It's a well know fact in our industry, since Volvo began in V8 Supercars their customer (brand) enquiry rate has increased by more than three hundred percent.

Mark my words, tens of thousands of Blue Oval lovers out there will be devastated if Ford pull the pin on V8 Supercars! Come on Ford, no more fence sitting, make a commitment to continue in V8 Supercars. The path is clear, well - it's clear to me anyway!

Holden have waded in and committed for years and it's a credit too them.

Please, don't let your loyal fans and owners down Ford!

I look forward to catching up with everyone in Townsville. I loved the weather in Darwin and Townsville will be no different ... apparently they call it winter up north??



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