Is Aus' Most Eligible Bachelor at FPR?

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  • 21/05/2013
  • By V8 Supercars

Ford Performance Racing engine technicianJake Dempsey has been announced as one of the top 50 for CLEO Magazine’sBachelor of the Year.

Having grown up in a semi-rural part ofMelbourne, 26-year old Dempsey loves spending time outdoors, describes himselfas a “keen fitness nut” and balances a personal training diploma with hishectic race schedule.

“Race weekend I’m responsible for theperformance of the engine from a technical point of view,” Dempsey said.

“So I look after any mechanical changesthat need to be done to the engine, relay information to the driver if theyneed to know anything and get information back to them on the performance of theengine.

“Then I’m also involved in race pit stops,on tyres, at the race track.

“Monday to Friday at the workshop is purelybuilding and servicing race engines – going through rebuild processes,servicing engines in the cars, and tying up any loose ends that need sortingout coming away from the race track.”

Given his schedule and workload, Dempseyfeels it is important to find a partner who understands the sport and hiscommitment there.

“My ideal woman has to be a bit cheeky andwhile I don’t think I have a type, I do like a woman who is quite tall and intoa healthy lifestyle,” Dempsey said.

“I really need to be able to hang out withher and enjoy chilling out or going out socially so I can get my mind off thepressures and intensity of the race track.”

Dempsey was surprised to be in the top 50CLEO list and feels he’s a bit of an underdog.

“I laughed when I heard I had made the top50 as I didn’t think a normal guy like me would even be considered, so it ishumbling to get the opportunity.

“It is definitely something that is welloutside my normal comfort zone… The guys I met on the bachelor photo shoot weremedia personalities, renowned scientists or charity workers so I am not surewhere V8 Supercars engine technician fits in there!”

While his career in motorsport has takenhim around the world to international races – including the weekend’sinaugural Austin 400 in Texas – Dempsey believes the work-related travel doescontribute to his being single.

“I think the traveling adds that extraelement to an already busy schedule at the workshop,” he said.

“The travel aspect of the job makes it hardto keep relationships so any potential partner would need to have anunderstanding of that from the outset given how much we are away.”

Over the last 12 to 18 months, developmentof the Car of the Future has been an additional challenge.

“The new car’s obviously been a year and ahalf of work and we’re all still learning them, so there’s a lot of work goingon behind the scenes that people don’t see,” Dempsey said.

After his father’s heavy involvement inmotorsport, Dempsey grew up in what he describes as a petrol head family. “Ifollowed in Dad’s footsteps – whatever he did, I did.”

He raced go karts for some time and in 2004got his first job with FPR as a junior engine builder, before studyingmotorsport abroad and working for a NASCAR team in the US.

“I just started out basically washing partsin the engine shop doing my apprenticeship,” he said.

But you can breathe a sigh of relief, ladies– Dempsey said he doesn’t work on cars at home, he enjoys taking free time awayfrom engines to catch up with friends, socialise and play sport.

The winner of the magazine’s competition isdetermined by public votes, so visit and vote for Dempsey.

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