Ingall slams Lowndes

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  • 13/09/2015
  • By Kassie Gadeke

Russell Ingall has slammed Craig Lowndes after a tap that sent the Holden Racing Team #22 to the back of the field in yesterday's second qualifying race at the Wilson Security Sandown 500.

Ingall has returned from retirement to co-drive with Jack Perkins, who Lowndes hit from behind at the 6-7-8 complex, sending the HRT Commodore off-track and triggering a drive through penalty.

Perkins' race went from bad to worse, pummelled by rookie Andre Heimgartner who had no brakes.

While Perkins had some choice words about the incident, Ingall had no issues with Heimgartner. It was his more experienced competitor he was displeased with.

"Lowndesy's obviously locked it up going in and given him a fair tap from behind - honestly I don't know what to say about it," Ingall said on FOX SPORTS.

"Lowndesy, I heard on a program, gave me a bit of a pasting about maybe a younger guy should've gotten a drive in the #22 car.

"With acts like that, maybe Lowndesy should think about putting someone else in the #888 car because that was pretty average.

"I know he's a fan favourite but, seriously..."

A chat with Lowndes aired an apology from the #888 driver - who starts in 23rd, while Perkins is 24th, and Heimgartner 25th - but Ingall wasn't having it.

"Now I'm his best mate again apparently, so there you go," 'The Enforcer' quipped back.

"I'm sure Craig wouldn't have done it on purpose. Still an average bit of steering."

While it was the hit from the Super Black Falcon that put the nail in the coffin and caused extensive damage to the HRT #22, Ingall was less critical of the 20-year old Kiwi.

"It wasn't Heimgartner's fault - at the end of the day he ran out of brakes, Heimgartner did a damn good job here to collect it up," Ingall said.

"He's ... had to throw it sideways because otherwise he had to go straight on.

"We saw what happened when you do run out of brakes or something breaks here last year with [Lee] Holdsworth and Mercedes [Erebus] and he stuck it in there - so actually Heimgartner did a good job of pulling it up.

"Unfortunately he's come back on the track and collected Jack so 22 has had a bit of a rough time."

Ingall offered to "get in there with a spanner and give them a hand" if required.

In his co-driver race, Ingall was a standout, making six positions across the 60km and finishing sixth.

The other HRT car, with Garth Tander/Warren Luff behind the wheel qualified 12th for today's race, while stablemates Tim Slade/Tony D'Alberto and Lee Holdsworth/Sebastien Bourdais are insixth and seventh respectively.

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