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  • 08/11/2016
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Holden Racing Team managing director Adrian Burgess gives an insight into his personality away from the track as he answers the quick questions ahead of tonight's Inside Supercars appearance.

What’s his biggest motorsport regret, who would he take outside his drivers for Bathurst and what personal question would he ask Mark Dutton, who took over his role at Red Bull after Burgess departed to HRT? 

VASC: What was the last concert or sporting event you attended as a fan?

AB: I was lucky enough to be in London in May and I got to the first Premier League game of the season, which was Arsenal v Liverpool, at Arsenal Emirates Stadium. I’m a big Liverpool fan and we were able to win 4-3, so it was a good result.

Do you have a signature dish in the kitchen?

No, my kitchen skills are fairly average, unfortunately, that’s what the wife’s for! I’m terrible in the kitchen – maybe a chilli con carne or something like that, but I’m not very good. 

What’s on your bucket list?

I wouldn’t mind competing at Le Mans – obviously not driving, but there as an entrant, running a team. I’ve been to the race a couple of times spectating – it’d be a great thing to go and do within a team.

I got the chance probably 15 years ago and for one reason or another I didn’t do it. It turns out that team won the race overall, so it’s my only regret it motorsport, not taking the opportunity to go and do it. I’d like to go back one day and compete there. 

What’s your go to karaoke song?

Roxanne by The Police. I remember doing that for the 21st on the top of a bar in England.

Out of the current grid of drivers, who would you choose to have drive for HRT at Bathurst – besides your own?

Probably van Gisbergen, I think.

Question from last week’s guest, Jack Le Brocq – what’s your obsession with cats about?

It’s not an obsession, we’ve always had cats in the family! From a very young age I’ve had cats, then Ryan Walkinshaw got me into main coons so about a year and a half ago we got a main coon. They’re just huge, great, fun-loving, good tempered cats, so we got one of those. So it’s not an obsession (Burgess's cat Hagrid below).

Adrian Burgess cat hagrid

How come Jack knows about it?

I don’t know, that’s a good question!

Do you have a question for next week’s guest, Mark Dutton?

How many press ups a day do you do to keep those guns in the shape they are?

Tune in to tonight’s episode of Inside Supercars for more from Burgess and second special guest Craig Lowndes. It airs on FOX Sports 506 at 7.30pm ADST.

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