Gains and losses: BJR quartet gains 28 positions in Bathurst

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  • 08/12/2021
  • By James Pavey

Last weekend's Repco Bathurst 1000 featured some tales of woe, and tales of triumph.

The biggest of those belonged to Chaz Mostert and Lee Holdsworth, who combined to win from pole for Walkinshaw Andretti United.

Champion-elect Shane van Gisbergen, meanwhile, suffered a late tyre failure and finished 18th, having started fifth.

Three driver pairings made key ground in the race, gaining 10 or more positions across the 161 laps.

It helped end the 2021 season with 25 instances of a driver gaining 10 or more spots in a race.

Mostert's charge from 26th to third in Sydney remained he best single charge of the season.

Todd Hazelwood, who was paired with Dean Fiore, signed off with Brad Jones Racing with a drive from 18th to eighth. It was Hazelwood's best Great Race result.

BJR stablemates Macauley Jones and Chris Pither, who crashed the car on Thursday, raced from 22nd to 12th.

The four BJR cars combined to gain 28 positions; Nick Percat/Dale Wood raced from eighth to seventh, and Jack Smith/David Wall from 24th to seventh.

The biggest mover in the race was the Garry Jacobson/Dylan O'Keeffe entry, which raced from 25th and last to 14th.

Van Gisbergen and Tander weren't the biggest losers; Anton De Pasquale's late engine failure saw him drop a net 21 places.

Will Brown and Jack Perkins' power steering drama pushed the provisional pole winning car down 11 spots from ninth to 20th.

Scott Pye and James Golding didn't even record 10 laps, and lost a net 12 spots due to their early retirement.

The 13-event 2022 Repco Supercars Championship will commence in Newcastle next year. Tickets for the event are on sale now.

The 13-round draft calendar was released on Sunday.

10 or more positions gained in a race in 2021

23 positions: Chaz Mostert, SMSP Race 25 (26th to 3rd)
21 positions: Nick Percat, Tailem Bend Race 9 (26th to 5th)
18 positions: Will Brown, Darwin Race 12 (22nd to 4th)
16 positions: Shane van Gisbergen, Sandown Race 3 (17th to 1st)
15 positions: Tim Slade, Townsville Race 17 (19th to 4th)
14 positions: Anton De Pasquale, SMSP Race 23 (26th to 12th)
13 positions: Scott Pye, SMSP Race 23 (22nd to 9th)
12 positions: Will Brown, Sandown Race 5 (19th to 7th)
12 positions: Jack Le Brocq, Tailem Bend Race 9 (22nd to 10th)
12 positions: Tim Slade, Townsville Race 18 (24th to 12th)
11 positions: Andre Heimgartner, Darwin Race 12 (26th to 15th)
11 positions: James Courtney, Darwin Race 12 (21st to 10th)
11 positions: Mark Winterbottom, Townsville Race 15 (21st to 10th)
11 positions: Scott Pye, Townsville Race 17 (18th to 7th)
11 positions: Will Brown, SMSP Race 25 (17th to 6th)
11 positions: Garry Jacobson/Dylan O'Keeffe, Bathurst Race 31 (25th to 14th)
10 positions: Jake Kostecki, Bathurst Race 1 (23rd to 13th)
10 positions: Brodie Kostecki, Sandown Race 4 (23rd to 13th)
10 positions: Todd Hazelwood, Tasmania Race 6 (24th to 14th)
10 positions: Nick Percat, Tasmania Race 8 (20th to 10th)
10 positions: Shane van Gisbergen, Tailem Bend Race 10 (13th to 3rd)
10 positions: Will Davison, Darwin Race 12 (24th to 14th)
10 positions: Zane Goddard SMSP Race 26 (18th to 8th)
10 positions: Todd Hazelwood/Dean Fiore, Bathurst Race 31 (18th to 8th)
10 positions: Macauley Jones/Chris Pither, Bathurst Race 31 (22nd to 12th)

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