Co-Drivers' Quoteboard: Wilson Security Sandown 500

  • Virgin Australia Supercars Championship
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  • 13/09/2014
  • By V8 Supercars with teams

Paul Dumbrell, Red Bull Racing Australia, p1 (co-driver race):

"It makes my life a lot easier when you start from the front row and you´ve got a quick car. So just focused on trying to replicate what I´m trying to do tomorrow, be persistent and we were able to run our own race there. It was good fun."

Jonathon Webb, Team TEKNO VIP Petfoods, p2:

"I think it´s up to me to get a clean (start), get off the line and see how the rest of the racing unfolds.

"I wasn´t really sure to be honest how I was going to go today because I haven´t raced a car since Homebush last year. You can do as many laps as you want round and round a circuit but you never really know until you´re out there. I was happy."

Greg Murphy, Holden Racing Team, p5:

"It´s been a pretty good day for #22 HRT Commodore. We made some changes yesterday, which helped us on track today. I started from fifth on the grid in my co-driver race, and didn´t get a great start. I was then in seventh and had a race-long dice with my Walkinshaw teammates - one with Tony D´Alberto in the #47 Supercheap Auto Commodore, and then a big battle with Warren Luff in the #2 HRT Commodore. I then got back into fifth, but lost a fair bit of time in that battle with the boys. The Commodore was good, just have to make a few tweaks for an even better baseline for tomorrow."

Warren Luff, Holden Racing Team, p6:

"It was a bit of a tough race. I don´t think we completely nailed the setup, but we were running an old set of tyres from qualifying that had done a fair bit of work. But we made some gains on the HRT Commodore for Garth (Tander) for Race 2. We head into tomorrow race in P5, and it´s a good spot to be starting from. I think we´ve learnt a lot of valuable lessons out of today."

Tony D´Alberto, Supercheap Auto Racing, p7:

"I got a good jump off the line, which was great. However, I was given a whack into Turn 1, and it took a few laps for my tyres to come up. From there I had to defend a fair bit with the two Holden Racing Team Commodores battling ahead of me. Then right at the end, Steven Richards had a late move on Luff. I went to head into Turn 2, and then saw Luffy´s nose and had to bail out and go over the grass. I was told by the team to address it so I just let him go past on the line just to be safe. You don´t want to get a Pit Lane Penalty (PLP) for just one position, as tomorrow´s points is what it´s all about. The Supercheap Auto Commodore needs a few tweaks, but we´ll do that, give Tim (Slade) a go and improve for tomorrow."

Alex Buncombe, Jack Daniel´s Racing, p10:

"I couldn't want it to have gone any better than that.

"To be honest, I was a little nervous about the start, I've never gotten one of these cars off the line before.

"I managed to get a pretty good start, I was even with the Triple Eight car alongside me, so I was pretty pleased going into turn one.

"It was a pretty hectic first lap as I thought it would be, I settled down, and I was pretty happy with my pace.

"I could keep up with the guys in front of me, and half way through I had a little contact with Olly Gavin at turn one.

"He went up the inside of me a bit late, and had contact at the apex.

"It was one of those things, and I lost touch with the guys in front.

"I managed to catch back up in the last few laps, when we were four wide going into turn two.

"At the end of the day to start P10 and finish P10, I'm really pleased with my performance, and it was really good to give the car over to Todd in that position.

"I couldn't ask for more really."

Luke Youlden, Lockwood Racing, p11:

"I was really concentrating on making a good start because that´s one area where you can gain in a co-driver race because a lot of guys don´t have quite the experience in these cars. To jag a good one was good. It was a good race. We got held up a bit and capitalised by others making mistakes but I felt like we qualified out of position so we´re just getting back to where we should rightly be starting anyway I believe."

Dean Fiore, Norton Hornets, p12:

"It was quite busy out there. I got a good start, which was good, but there was some guys that I´ve never raced against before, so it´s always a little sketchy not knowing what the person is going to do.

"I´ve driven in this championship for the past few years, so you get to know the guys around you, but when there´s new people around, it can be difficult to know what to expect.

"I wasn´t as aggressive as I probably should have been, but it´s not really my place to be damaging the car. I wasn´t going to risk it for Michael (Caruso). I just wanted to bring the car home and give him a solid position to start from."

Andrew Jones, Team BOC, p13:

"Probably the most important thing I needed to do in that race was make some spots up but unfortunately we weren´t able to tick that box. We´re still just struggling with the car being nervous on corner entry. Hopefully we´ll make some inroads into it. Where we are at the moment isn´t bad but I feel like we need to be around the top 5."

Oliver Gavin, HHA Racing, p15:

"I got a pretty good start and managed pass a couple of guys early on. It was fine for the next few laps and I then caught Alex Buncombe and tried to get by him as soon as I could. I got alongside him and just about made the move stick but didn´t quite have enough momentum to get off the corner. We were side by side going into turn two and he got hit, which pushed me out of the way and then the freight train of cars came through and I dropped three spots.

"On the last lap everyone was bottled up going into turn four and I chose the wrong side of the track to pass some cars and ended up being bumped back another position. We have plenty of speed in the car and it´s a long race tomorrow and anything can happen."

David Russell, Jack Daniel´s Racing, p17:

"The main thing was to bring the car home in one piece.

"I'm a bit disappointed, I got quite a bad start, I got some wheel spin, and when I went to pluck second gear it got stuck a little bit with the shift mechanism, where you have to have the gear stick back to central before you select the next gear.

"In the heat of battle I dropped a couple of spots, but gained a couple back.

"We just pressed on, we had good pace in the race, and I thought towards the end of it there were a few battles I thought I could capitalise on, but everyone kept their noses pretty clean.

"It was good to see Rick pick up a couple of places in his race."

Tim Blanchard, Repair Management Racing Aus, p19:

"The first few laps were quite frustrating until the field started coming back to us.

"I felt the car was strong towards the end of the race compared to the others.

"The speed of the car over a long stint is good and although it was a tough start to the weekend but we´ve got a 161 laps tomorrow and I´m quietly confident the longer race tomorrow will suit us."

Ashley Walsh, Wilson Security Racing DJR, p21:

"Qualifying wasn´t as good as we had hoped for after the promise in practice. We did not get the new tyres working this morning and it put us back.

"I had really bad start which put me back to last. I then got caught up in a few battles and ended up finishing 21st. Then got pinged for a clash with Taz Douglas at Turn 9, so dropped back again.

"We certainly have potential to go faster but it is very hard to pass so we have some work to do tonight to improve the car for tomorrow."

Taz Douglas, Norton Hornets, p23:

"Starting down where we were was not ideal. Moff did his best to get the car up there in qualifying, but we´re just lacking pace at the moment.

"Our car is doing a number of things wrong at the moment, and we´re trying to get on top of it.

"In my race, I got a reasonable start and tried to go up the inside which probably wasn´t the right move and I dropped back a couple of places.

"I was just battling away and I got turned around by Ash Walsh so I just finished the race going around a few seconds off the back of the pack."

Steven Johnson, Wilson Security DJR, p24:

"If you are going to have a bad day at Sandown, I guess today is the day to have it! The results for both Wilson Security Falcons are going to make our day pretty tough tomorrow, but if we can get through the first stint unscathed we should be able to move up.

"Tomorrow is pay day so we have to focus on getting a race set up and put today behind us. I don´t think we are too far away with these cars, but we do need to tune them up in a few areas. We are still confident of getting a good result tomorrow."

Chris Pither, Team ADVAM/GB Gal, p25:

"It was pretty disappointing. We had a good base to build on but at least the guys could fix it quickly and hopefully we´ll move forward in the race."

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