Castrol EDGE announces Supercars inspired oil

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  • 15/07/2016
  • By Castrol EDGE

At the Reid Park event in Townsville, key sponsor Castrol EDGE has taken the chance to preview its new-for-2017 retail brand – Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR.

Partnering with a number of the world’s leading supercar manufacturers – including Koenigsegg and Aston Martin – Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR products have been tested to the limits.

The Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR brand is now being brought to Australia for the first time in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship through Castrol racing partner Prodrive Racing Australia – winners of the 2015 Drivers’ Championship.

Virgin Australia Supercars Championship Managing Director Matt Braid welcomed the launch of the Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR oil – specially developed for Prodrive Racing Australia – to the series.

“Castrol has been a great supporter of Supercars as our Official Oil supplier, and naming rights partner of the Castrol EDGE Townsville 400 and Castrol Gold Coast 600," Braid said. 

"We are excited to see the Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR product developed for Prodrive launched on track for the first time in Australia at Townsville.”

Proven and tested in the ultimate performers, a requirement for any product carrying the Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR designation is strong ‘low foam’ performance. A racing supercar, like Prodrive’s Ford FG X Falcon, operates with dry sump and as engine revs rise, the faster the oil flows. This in turn whips and aerates the oil, generating air bubbles. In a road going supercar – such as the high-powered Koenigsegg One:1 – 11 litres of oil flows around the engine five times every minute. This can reduce the oil’s strength, and increases the risk of metal to metal contact.

Prodrive Racing Australia engine builder Justin Way has played a key role in the development of the Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR product used by Prodrive.

“Oil consumption control is always vital in Supercars with teams running a dry sump. For this reason we need a lubricant that delivers exceptional low foam performance like our Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR oil. In Supercars you need every edge you can get, and Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR is definitely one for us.”

Castrol Australia Marketing Director Diana Hall explained: “Globally, only products with performance proven in – and endorsed by – the world’s most advanced Supercars can wear the Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR badge. With this product playing a key role in delivering outstanding results for Prodrive, including in Mark Winterbottom’s 2015 Supercars Championship run, this product has become the first in Australia to carry this designation.”

Virgin Australia Supercars Champion Mark Winterbottom agreed on the importance of a strong oil in delivering results on race day.

“As a driver there are enough things to think about on race day without having to think about whether your engine oil is up to the task. In talking with our own engineers and the Technical Team at Castrol, I can say with confidence that using Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR means we’re giving ourselves every advantage on race day.”

Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR retail products – available in both 10W-60 and 0W-40 viscosities – launch early 2017 and will feature a striking new look.

”As the Official Oil Supplier of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, and through our direct long-term relationships with many teams competing within the Championship, Castrol has long worked with its racing partners on product development,” Hall said.

“With the launch of Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR, from next year Supercars fans will be able to use a product in their road car with the same performance traits as the product used out on the track.

“Castrol is proud to have been the oil of choice in more Bathurst 1000 winners than any other oil supplier, and we hope to see Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR play a key part in delivering many future successes in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.”

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