Burgess weighs up offers after Walkinshaw exit

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  • 23/05/2017
  • By Stefan Bartholomaeus

Recently axed Mobil 1 HSV team principal Adrian Burgess says he’s already had multiple job offers within the Supercars paddock, but is in no rush to decide his future.

Ten days after his sacking from the Walkinshaw-owned team, Burgess has broken his silence with an appearance on New Zealand’s Radio Sport.

Declaring that he’s ‘not crying about’ his dismissal from the high-profile role after a three-and-a-half-year tenure, the Englishman will weigh up his options over the next two months.

Although the sort of big-money deal that lured him from Triple Eight to Walkinshaw is unlikely to be repeated, Burgess says he has options to return to the category.

“There’s been a few offers and a few discussions appear in the last week but at the moment I’m just sitting back and letting those discussions start to come to a point where I can sit down and make a decision on what I do next,” Burgess told the program.

“I’ll certainly be going racing; I’ve always been racing… it’s all I’ve ever done, it’s all I ever will do. There are a couple of offers in Supercars, there are a couple of offers outside Supercars and there is an offer back in Europe, but I don’t need to rush and I don’t want to rush.

“Like everything in life you’ve got to look at all the information in front of you and make the best decision going forwards.

“I love what I do. I’m a racer, I miss not being at the racetrack, but every now and again you’re confronted with these things and you’ve got to be calm and not panic and run off and do the first thing that’s on the table.

“I’m just doing my homework at the moment and then I’ll hopefully make a decision in the next few weeks or month or two and then we’ll go from there.”

Although stressing that he cannot divulge details of his split with Walkinshaw, Burgess said the team ‘wanted to go in a different direction’.

“I can’t really say too much and I don’t want to say too much,” he said when asked of his split with the team.

“All these positions that people like myself are in, you’ve got fairly complex contracts and everyone’s got obligations on each side so I’m not really able to talk and it’s not really appropriate to talk about that in too much detail.

“But they wanted a change in direction which I can understand and I’m not crying about that. I’m not upset about it, I’m a big boy, I’ve been doing this a long time.

“They wanted to go in a different direction which is fine, obviously they are ultimately entitled to do that, so we had a chat and decided it wasn’t really the way forward for each of us.

“They did what they needed to do for themselves... so now I’m in a little bit of a holding pattern. I’m still sort of under contract there so at the moment I’m just sitting back and watching on TV.”

Burgess moved to Australia in 2006 to lead Dick Johnson Racing, winning the 2010 title with the squad before beginning a two-and-a-half-year tenure at Triple Eight.

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