Breaking down 2021 qualifying formats

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  • 09/02/2021
  • By James Pavey

The 2021 Repco Supercars Championship will see a tweaked ARMOR ALL qualifying system.

This year's qualifying system has been defined Format 1, Format 2 and Format 3 in the 2021 Supercars Operations Manual, regarding Sporting Rules.

All drivers will go into the first part of knockout qualifying. Previously, the top 10 from practice went directly to Part 2 of the session.

From 2021, competitors can only be eliminated from qualifying rather than being added to them.

All cars will now go into the first part of qualifying, where the bottom four of the grid is set. The top 20 proceed to Part 2, when 11th to 20th positions on the grid are locked in.

Format 2 will see three 10-minute sessions, while Format 3 will see two 10-minute sessions followed by an ARMOR ALL Top 10 Shootout.

Format 2 will be used on the Saturday at Sandown, Tasmania, The Bend, Winton, Perth and Auckland.

Format 3 will be used on the Saturday at Darwin and Sydney Motorsport Park.

Format 1, a single timed session for each race, will be used on the Sunday for each of those events.

Qualifying sessions at the two shortest circuits on the 2021 calendar, Symmons Plains and Wanneroo, feature a further tweak.

In a bid to ease on-track congestion, the field will be split for first segment of qualifying on Saturday, and both sessions on Sunday.

The single-session Format 1 will be used at the refuelling rounds (Mt Panorama 500, Townsville, Bathurst 1000 and Gold Coast) with a Top 10 Shootout for each race.

The new knockout format will make its debut at Sandown next month.

The 2021 Repco Supercars Championship will commence at the Repco Mt Panorama 500 between February 26-28. Tickets are on sale now.

2021 Repco Supercars Championship qualifying formats

Event Race Format System Top 10 Shootout
MP500 1 1 Single Yes
MP500 2 1 Single Yes
Sandown 3 2 Knockout No
Sandown 4 1 Single No
Sandown 5 1 Single No
Tasmania 6 2 Knockout No
Tasmania 7 1 Single No
Tasmania 8 1 Single No
The Bend 9 2 Knockout No
The Bend 10 1 Single No
The Bend 11 1 Single No
Winton 12 2 Knockout No
Winton 13 1 Single No
Winton 14 1 Single No
Darwin 15 3 Knockout Yes
Darwin 16 1 Single No
Darwin 17 1 Single No
Townsville 18 1 Single Yes
Townsville 19 1 Single Yes
Sydney 20 3 Knockout Yes
Sydney 21 1 Single No
Sydney 22 1 Single No
Perth 23 2 Knockout No
Perth 24 1 Single No
Perth 25 1 Single No
Bathurst 26 1 Single Yes
Auckland 27 2 Knockout No
Auckland 28 1 Single No
Auckland 29 1 Single No
Gold Coast 30 1 Single Yes
Gold Coast 31 1 Single Yes
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