Car numbers, names return to windscreen for Townsville

29 Jun 2023
Updated regulations to enhance visibility and identification
2 mins by James Pavey

To enhance visibility and facilitate easier identification of car numbers during races, Supercars has announced a significant further tweak to the rule change regarding the placement of drivers' car numbers. 

The updated regulation will see the car number positioned to the right of the driver's name, on the driver's right side. 

The LED screen, which displays the driver's current race position, will remain on the left side of the driver's name.

The decision to alter the position of the car number stems from a desire to provide fans and race marshals with a clearer view of the car numbers displayed on the front windscreen during races. 

With a number of teams including Red Bull Ampol Racing, Shell V-Power Racing, Nikon Racing, Penrite Racing, Truck Assist Racing and Coca-Cola Racing all running identical liveries - the new marking rule will help tell the difference between competitors.

These changes have been implemented following a series of successful trials conducted in Darwin. 


A Supercars Spokesperson said: “Supercars' officials, in collaboration with drivers and race marshals, tested different configurations to determine the most effective way to enhance car number visibility. 

“The trials in Darwin proved pivotal in finalising useful information in tweaking the latest adjustment new rule, as they allowed for practical evaluation and valuable feedback from all involved parties.

“We will continue to work with all parties to ensure we find the best solution for all involved moving forward.”

The rule change has been made and will see the new number stickers in place for next week’s NTI Townsville 500.

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