Build Notices

From mid-October, construction of the racing circuit begins. Installation and removal of the racing circuit is condensed into a nine-week period.

This commences with the installation of items such as the pit building, grandstands, bridges, barriers and fencing.



The Temporary Infrastructure Guide details the general timings of the installation plan and includes images of the different components.

Please see the temporary infrastructure guide HERE



Build Notices contain all changed traffic conditions that will be in effect in Newcastle East and include road closures, lane closures, one-way traffic changes, temporary relocation of park furniture, minor earthworks and special event clearway parking restrictions.

If you require further information or would like a printed build notice please contact Supercars on 02 8346 2676 or email

Build Notice 1 – week commencing 15 October

Build Notice 2 – week commencing 22 October

Build Notice 3 – week commencing 29 October

Build Notice 4 Рweek commencing 5 November 

Build Notice 5 Рweek commencing 12 November 

Build Notice 6 – week commencing 9 November

Traffic and Parking Conditions in Newcastle

Build Notice 7 – week commencing 26 November