I am interested in volunteering at a Supercars promoted event. What do I do?

To apply as a volunteer Race or Event Official you will need to complete an online application form for the event(s) that you would like to attend.

When do applications open and close?

Applications will open in chronological order during February and March each year.

Volunteer Officials who attended the event the year prior will be automatically notified of the opening day once this occurs.

Applications will generally close approximately 3 weeks prior to the event however, they may close earlier if we are oversubscribed or later if there are still positions that are not filled.

What positions are available for the events?

You can click HERE to view positions that are available for our events.

When will I know if I have been accepted for a position?

We aim to advise all applicants of the outcome of their application approximately 6 weeks after applications are opened.

However, as we are managing 11 events, sometimes this is delayed slightly.

Once processed, you will be emailed with the outcome of your application.

How are positions allocated for Supercars promoted events?

Volunteer officials are allocated to a team based on your experiences and preferences as listed in your application.

Race Official applications are processed by Supercars and then referred to our Secretary of the Event for allocation in consultation with the Clerk of Course and Chiefs.

Final positions are then sent to Supercars for final approval.

Event Officials are processed by Supercars in consultation with the Volunteer Controllers.

Whilst we do try our best to allocate volunteers according to their preferences, this is not always possible.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation should you not be allocated your preferred position.

If you decline a position then we will respectfully withdraw your application.

Do I need motor sport experience to become an Official?

No! We have a number of non-trackside positions that do not require any experience.

Appropriate training will be provided for the position you are allocated.

What do I need to do if I would like to be a volunteer trackside official?

In order to become a trackside official you will need to hold a CAMS licence.

Please register at this link and then await further direction from CAMS on how to proceed through this simple process.

Does Supercars provide a uniform?

Yes. Supercars will provide each official with 2 x polo shirts providing they are assisting for 3 days.

An Official cap or bucket hat will also be provided.

A short sleeve and long sleeve shirt are automatically allocated however, you may request to swap these if essential to your position or for sun safety.

At some events only long sleeve shirts will be provided.

Chiefs, Seniors, Pit Lane Officials, Sector Marshals and Scrutineers requiring access to Pit Lane will all be allocated a bib to wear whilst on shift.

This must be signed out at the start of the event and back in at the end.

You must keep your size updated in your volunteer profile so that we can order your uniform accordingly.

A bulk order for all events is placed at the end of the preceding season based on sizes that are listed.

When can I collect my uniform and credentials?

The Supercars Officials Credentials Office will open during the week leading in to the event.

You will be notified of the location and opening hours via email.

Are meals provided?

Supercars will provide meals to all volunteers based on their shift length.

You will be advised what will be provided in the Event Handbook distributed by Supercars in the lead up to the event.

We recommend that you bring along additional food and a cooler bag.

Water is also provided to volunteers at all of our events.

If you have any issues with meals provided, please see the Supercars Volunteer Manager at Sign On or following your shift.

What happens if I can no longer attend the event?

If you can no longer attend the event please email volunteers@supercars.com to let us know.

Failing to notify us could result in you not being accepted for future events.

What happens to my credential and ticket if I do not show to my shift?

If you do not Sign On for your allocated shift your credential and GA ticket will automatically be cancelled by Supercars preventing access to the event precinct.

Is there opportunity to progress as a Supercars Official?

Absolutely! In 2019 Supercars will be encouraging progression and mentoring at our promoted events.

We will be engaging with our Senior teams to identify rising talent and providing opportunities for those individuals to expand their knowledge and experience at our events under the appropriate supervision.

How are the awards chosen at the end of each event?

Each Chief/Supervisor is provided with a form by Supercars on the final day of the event.

They can then nominate a person from their team for an award should they wish to do so.

The Gold and Silver awards are then decided by Supercars in consultation with the Race Administration team and Volunteer Controllers.



By registering as a Volunteer Official for Supercars Australia (SC) and/or applying to work at any of our Supercars promoted events you must agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

Failure to comply with any of these Terms Conditions may result in the termination of your registration and/or further disciplinary action as appropriate.

I, as per the details contained in this application form, hereby offer my services assisting Supercars as a volunteer Event or Race Official.

I volunteer my services and confirm that I am available for the three/four days of the event and agree that if accepted for a role I will:

  • Work for SC in a volunteer capacity without payment or incentive;
  • Be responsible for my own personal health and safety during the Event/s;
  • Abide by the SC Social Media and Bullying/Harassment Policies;
  • Abide by the SC Workplace Health & Safety Commitment Statement;
  • Ensure appropriate license or qualifications are held to undertake the role applied for;
  • Understand that SC may Accept or Reject any volunteer application/s at their discretion;
  • Agree to participate in and fully complete, to the satisfaction of Supercars and/or CAMS, all training programs conducted by Supercars and/or CAMS and associated with my involvement with the Event
  • Hereby consent to the collection of my personal information by Supercars in connection with my involvement at the Event and acknowledge and agree that information, including personal details held by Supercars may be distributed to agencies and other Senior Officials associated with the Organisation of the Event;
  • Declare that I am medically and physically fit and free from impairment and able to carry out normal duties expected of the position for which I hereby apply for at the Event;
  • Declare that I am familiar with the requirements and activities of a Supercars official
  • Collect my own Accreditation during the specified times as advised by SC prior to the Event/s;
  • Collect and wear accreditation and uniform in accordance with the pre event information;
  • Attend all volunteer shifts as allocated by SC, for the hours as advised;
  • If unavailable due to illness, injury or extreme circumstances, advise SC as soon as possible, note this must be done via email and an email response will be provided, failure to receive an email response will assume no advice has been received;
  • Understand that failure to show for volunteer shifts after collecting this may result in an invoice for $400 to cover the costs of the goods collected;
  • Undertake tasks and duties as outlined, and follow the directions of Event/s supervisor;
  • Do not bring valuable items to the events, take personal responsibility for any personal property brought to the Event/s;
  • Treat fellow volunteers, staff and patrons with respect;
  • Agree that failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in exclusion from an event, whether that be prior to the first day of the event or on a particular day (and for the remainder) of an Event, and may include future Events;
  • Understand that SC have the right to exclude any volunteer from all Event/s at their discretion if deemed appropriate;
  • Understand that imagery of volunteers at the Event/s may be recorded and reproduced by SC in various commercial formats including the Supercars Volunteers Facebook page.
  • Understand that all volunteers must abide by the Terms & Conditions as displayed at the entrance to the Event/s.



Remember that Safety is not only about you, it is about all of us. We cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of SAFETY, under no circumstances are you to compromise your safety or that of others.

Remember that you are at a motorsport race circuit therefore you may be exposed to potential hazards. Be mindful that incidents can occur without warning. Remain alert, be careful, think and look before you act.

Risk Assessment:

A risk assessment is nothing more than a careful examination by you of what could cause you or others harm. Your assessment should identify any potential hazards and allow you ti implement precautions to minimise risk to you, others or property. You are to place yourself in a clear and safe position at all times.

Hazard: is anything that can cause injury, illness or damage to property. Risk – is the likelihood that exposure to a hazard will result in injury, illness or damage to property.

Should you not understand what a hazard or risk is or the steps taken in reducing risk talk to your team leader. Your personal safety is of the utmost importance, so please be aware of your actions and surroundings at all times.

  • Familiarise yourself with your immediate area and check this area every morning.
  • Immediately report any unattended bag or article.
  • Report any potential hazard e.g. broken demarcation fence, glass in precinct, toilets overflowing etc.
  • Report any grandstand steps that are uneven, slippery or dangerous.
  • Report broken chairs in grandstands / corporate facilities.
  • Report any flags or banners hanging from building balconies.
  • Be aware of elderly/disabled or inebriated persons when they are entering or exiting facilities or grandstands and offer assistance when required.



Officials must not discriminate when dealing with other Officials or patrons. Discrimination can take many forms, some of which are direct; for example, where a person is treated less favourably than another, simply because of a personal characteristic.

Supercars’ policy reflects the spirit and intent of related Federal and State legislation in Australia. In particular, Supercars holds the view that people work more productively in an environment free from discrimination. A copy of the policy is available on request.

Harassment is unwelcome behaviour that may take the form of email, written, verbal and/or physical behaviour, which causes another person distress. See Discrimination.

Any Official who believes he or she has been the subject of harassment, sexual or otherwise, may report the circumstances or incident to their Senior / Supervisor or to Supercars directly.

All complaints will be handled in a professional and confidential manner.



Only approved Company spokespersons may communicate on behalf of the Company in the social media space. A copy can be provided on request.

In posting to social media sites in a private capacity:

  • Give an opinion but be clear that it is a personal opinion.
  • Do not comment on, suggest or hint at matters that are or are likely to be of significant importance.
  • Do not post any material that may bring Supercars or the sport into disrepute, or otherwise embarrass the company.
  • Do not post photos of any kind taken within restricted areas at Supercars Events, Promotional functions or any areas where you have special access privileges.
  • Do not comment on Newspaper articles in relation to Supercars.
  • Under no circumstances should offensive comments be made about colleagues. This may amount to cyber-bullying.
  • Obey the law - do not post any material that is prejudicial, defamatory, libellous, discriminatory, harassing, obscene or threatening, discloses other people’s personal information or infringes intellectual property, copyright or a trademark.
  • Do not imply Supercars endorsement of personal views, or imply authorisation to speak on behalf of Supercars.
  • Do not use Supercars’ name to endorse products, causes or opinions.
  • Do not use Supercars logo without official consent.
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