Gen2 Supercars

From 2017, Supercars will open up to allow a greater range of brands and models of race car in to the sport.

The sport will maintain its high-octane, dynamic racing, but with the opportunity for brands to branch out and include new engine and body configurations alongside the current V8 engines.

The key requirements for race cars will be:

Running the ‘Car of the Future’ chassis and specified control components

  • Front engine
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Right hand drive
  • Four seats
  • Must accurately reflect the look of the road car.

All cars will be subject to aero and parity rules, and will continue to be loud and high powered, irrespective of engine configuration.

The Gen2 Supercar model – announced December 2014 – is designed to be more relevant to manufacturers, race teams, sponsors and fans, while continuing to deliver edge-of-your-seat entertainment at each race meeting.

Draft regulations were released mid-year, as planned, with guidelines to be defined in the final quarter of 2015, allowing testing to commence from February 2016.

The work group hand-picked for Gen2 is headed by V8 Supercars’ motorsport department, tasked with making recommendations to the V8 Supercars Commission, which includes representatives from V8 Supercars, race teams and independents. Participating manufacturers and teams are also being consulted throughout the process.

Significantly, any new engine or body shape will have to meet existing engine power outputs, aerodynamic guidelines and technical specifications that produce the spectacular, tight racing enjoyed today.

The Gen2 program provides the flexibility for teams to compete with a different body style or engine capacity, if and when they choose. It is expected the majority of teams will remain in their current configurations in the foreseeable future.

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