2024 Bosch Power Tools Perth SuperSprint Official Charity - Eat Up

Eat Up works to ensure that the one in five Aussie students who go to school without eating, are fed. Using a network of volunteers and donations from large and small food companies, Eat Up makes and delivers nutritious lunches to schools in need. What this achieves is much more than a meal. As well as no longer being hungry, children feel connected, are able to concentrate in class, and have the energy for sports and play. And for many, their attendance is improving.

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Eat Up’s goal is clear: to support young people to achieve their potential. For some young people, not having enough food in the house or resources to make or buy their school lunch means the difference between eating while at school or not. This is where Eat Up steps in.

Eat Up supports hungry kids at 121 schools in Perth, and 24 schools across regional WA, from Esperance, to Geraldton, and to Bunbury, thanks to local volunteers who love where they live and want to make a difference in their own hometowns.