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There's plenty packed into the Official Supercars App. Take a moment to read the below for some helpful tips.


Augmented Reality

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Live timing and tracking


Push Notifications

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Augmented Reality

Unlock exclusive augmented reality experiences by scanning special Supercars Codes located online and around selected events.

Unlocking an experience is simple, tap augmented reality in the 'More' tab and point the camera at a code. Codes look similar to the below.


Live Timing and Tracking

The Supercars Official App offers you the chance to get closer to the action with live timing and 3D car tracking generated using real-time data from the circuit.

Whenever a live timing and tracking session is available the live icon in the top right of the screen will illuminate red. Tapping on this will open the live experience if you have an active subscription, or prompt you to subscribe if you do not.

Timing sessions are available for practice, qualifying, top ten shootout, warm-up, and race sessions across the Repco Supercars Championship, Dunlop Super2 Series and SuperUtes Series.

The live experience of the app is broken down into two parts, live timing, and tracking.

The middle control bar separates the timing leaderboard from the tracking map. Slide this bar up and down to control the split of the screen or tap it to shift it all the way to the top or bottom.

The tracking component is designed to be operated with one hand. Slide your finger up the screen to zoom in, and down on the screen to zoom out. Sliding your finger left and right across the screen will rotate the view.

Tapping a car on the leaderboard, map leaderboard, or map itself will focus the view on that car. The zoom and rotation of the view will be attached to that car. To stop focusing on a car simply tap another car to focus on it, or tap the car currently in focus to stop focusing.

Event Experience

Make the most of Supercars events by using all of the event experience features.

Swipe across the bottom menu bar to access the event home page. The event homepage gives a snapshot of the Repco Supercars Championship schedule for that event, plus a countdown clock to the next session, links to tickets and broadcast times.

The sessions tab displays the full track schedule for that event which can be filtered to a particular day by swiping left and right. The What's On tab shows event experiences sorted by time and filterable in the same way as the sessions tab.

The map tab provides you with an interactive view of each event precinct. Tab on a point of interest to reveal more information. You can place yourself on the map by tapping on the arrow in the bottom right of the screen and view the legend by tapping on the question mark.

Throughout the event experience you have the ability to mark items as favourite by tapping on the star icon. The icon will fill with red if it is a current favourite. Your favourites list can be accessed by tapping the star in the top left corner of the screen. You will be reminded about your favourited items with a push notification 15 minutes prior to them starting.


The Supercars app is split into two areas, the championship experience and the event experience. These two areas can be switched between by sliding the bottom menu or tapping on an event from the latest tab or calendar page.

Within the championship experience you can switch categories by tapping on the category title in the top bar to reveal the category selector. Switching categories will reveal the latest news and video, calendar, results and drivers for that category.

Within the event experience tap on the event name in the top bar to switch to a particular event.

Push Notifications

Push notifications enable you to stay up to date with the latest and information. Push notifications will be received when:

- An important news story breaks
- A story is published about your chosen favourite driver or team
- A category you have requested updates for starts or results become available
- An event experience you have marked as a favourite is about to start
- An item of interest is nearby at an event

To receive push notifications you must make sure your device is set to allow them from the Supercars app. This may have been done during app install and can be checked in 'Settings' on your device.

Subscriptions and Payments

While the Supercars app is free to download, you have the option of accessing live timing and tracking via in-app purchase. The in-app purchase is linked to your AppleID or Google account depending on your device. Live timing and tracking access is priced at $9.99 for 12 months access and is an automatically renewing subscription.

You can find out more about controlling your subscriptions, including ending them, for iOS here and Android here.

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