For those fans who want to be part of the buzz around the track, a Trackside ticket is the perfect option for you. Make the trek up the Mountain for viewing across Brocks Skyline or Forrest’s Elbow.  Bring a chair, a blanket or just yourself and enjoy the experience that is Bathurst trackside. 

Kids 12 and under receive free trackside admission with a paying adult.

Adult 4 Day $141.00 $182.00
Concession 4 Day $131.00 $172.00
Adult 3 Day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) $136.00 $177.00
Concession 3 Day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) $124.00 $164.00
Adult 2 Day (Saturday and Sunday) $129.00 $170.00
Concession 2 Day (Saturday and Sunday) $119.00 $159.00
Adult  1 Day (Sunday) $115.00 $156.00
Concession  1 Day (Sunday) $105.00 $146.00


Ticket prices above do not include Ticketek fees. Trackside tickets prices have significantly decreased from 2015 ticket price and as such concession pricing is the same as the adult pricing.



The Day Ticket Office is designed to allow patrons to purchase a four day circuit admission ticket (and paddock pass if desired) on Thursday, Friday or Saturday and “cash it in” should they only want to attend for the single day. That is, they can receive a partial refund, upon the return of the ticket by 7pm on the respective day.

The procedure has been designed to allow patrons to attend the race for individual days only, whilst still having an element of control that an individual day ticket would not otherwise allow. That is, the 24 hour nature of the event causes substantial difficulties in selling a ticket for a period ending prior to the end of the event.

This is a service that will give those patrons unable to attend the whole event, the ability to still attend without being out of pocket the full four day price. This service is only available at the event and no pre-purchases are available. The Day Ticket Office will be located at the Main Entry Gates (Gate 4 on the Track Map) and can be accessed after parking in the main car park.


The patron purchases a four day circuit admission ticket from the Day Ticket Office (see below pricing).

The patron is free to retain the ticket for the duration of the event. However, to receive a partial refund (as set out below) the patron must return the ticket along with their wristband (available from the Main Gates on exiting) to the Day Ticket Office prior to 7.00pm on the day the ticket was purchased.

The full details of the ticket purchase will be recorded by the Ticketek system and only tickets purchased the morning of the request for partial refund will be partially refunded.

On presentation of the ticket and a WRISTBAND to the Day Ticket Office, a partial refund will be given on the original ticket price in the following amounts:

Adult Thursday $145.00 $65.00 $80.00
Concession Thursday $135.00 $55.00 $80.00
Adult Friday $140.00 $75.00 $65.00
Concession Friday $130.00 $65.00 $65.00
Adult Saturday $135.00 $85.00 $50.00
Concession Saturday $125.00 $75.00 $65.0

Only tickets purchased from the Day Ticket Office will be eligible to receive a partial refund and partial refunds will only be given from the Day Ticket Office. That is, no other point of sale is authorised or able to give a partial refund.

Partial refunds will be issued as either cash or credit, depending on the payment method. Partial refunds from payments made by debit cards will be issued as cash only.

Absolutely no partial refunds will be given unless the patron strictly complies with the above Procedure.