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New Tesla Model D software update will boost acceleration

Tesla's fastest car is about to get faster still, and all existing owners will have to do to unlock this extra turn of performance is ensure their cars receive an upcoming software update. Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed the news via Twitter, explaining that an over-the-air software update which is being pushed out in the coming days will shave another 0.1 seconds off the car's already ...

Rugby Union - France's Dumoulin reveals Cecillon is father

- Racing Metro's French international centre Alexandre Dumoulin has revealed he is the biological son of former France captain Marc Cecillon, who was jailed for murdering his wife. The 25-year-old's agent Jeremy Bouhy told French newspapers it was the right time to confirm an 'open secret' of his birth following an extramarital affair bewteen Cecillon and Dumoulin's mother Carole. Dumoulin, who ...