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acousticrocker posted a photo:


Rear View


1969 Camaro RS/SS First Start up in 28 Years: Project Update 3 Years Later

Finally a update video of my dad's 1969 Camaro RS/SS project car. You have probably seen the 28 year startup video and a update of the project is more than over due. We finally got to finish...

Stoner to make comeback at Suzuka 8hr

Two-time MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner will return to motorcycle racing in July as part of a three-man team at the Suzuka 8-Hour event in Japan.

Pinups and Hotrods

Dirk Dreyer posted a photo:

Pinups and Hotrods

Model: Jessica Martin; Photography & Editing: Dirk Dreyer; Hair: Katy Montgomery; Mua: Cristina Vital; Wardrobe/Styling: Mary Stokley Gromer; Car: 1956 Ford T-Bird ; Owner: Jim Marquardt.

New technology surges forward at Vancouver Auto Show

Vancouver, March 27 (IANS) If driverless cars cruising streets safely is no longer a dream for car lovers, then puffing nothing into the atmosphere but a little bit of water exhaust is another dream of environmentalists just around the corner. Here at the 95th annual Vancouver International Auto Show, car lovers tend to drool over sleek designs, luxury and horsepower. Beside a monster truck ...